If you want good pictures or video clips of yourself winging and don’t want to be riding around with the difficulty of managing a pole in your hand, the new Flymount Aero has been specifically designed as a GoPro mount for inflatable wings and kite struts. We’ve used it extensively and found it to be reliable, strong and easy to get a good angle... TEST TEAM NOTES AND VIDEO: This is a very well engineered device that securely mounts your camera to the leading edge of your wing (or kite strut). A uniquely designed (patent pending) single handle design that twists to tighten allows you to close the jaws of the mount around your wing’s leading edge to ensure your camera is rooted in position, with very solid stability. Hear about our experiences with the Flymount Aero that we’ve used to shoot video and photo of all the test wings and boards this issue in the video below:

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CONSIDERATIONS The clamp is at its most secure when the arms are wrapped as far around the inflatable tube of your wing as possible, which is usually near the tips of your wing. Most wings are too fat in their leading edges towards the centre of the wing for you to be able to mount it there. Most wings struts are however too narrow at the end of the strut. So attaching to the corner of the leading edge is usually best. As the Aero mount itself weighs 140g and a GoPro Max 360 weighs another 160 grams itself, you’re looking at a 300 gram additional weight for your wing. In use on the water, particularly in stronger winds, I didn’t find this to be much of an issue with the mount on the wing tip. It’s more noticeable when you’re walking to and from the beach when holding the neutral handle as it tends to weigh the wing down on one side. Not terribly, but in lighter winds you may find you’re dragging your tip a bit (and your camera). So mount the camera as close to your launch spot as possible. I was able to drift the wing well without feeling like the wing was being pulled down at its wing tip like it was on land, and it didn’t feel top or bottom heavy when riding along in a regular riding position. Obviously your wing will always perform to its optimum without the camera and mount attached, but if you’re going out to get great images of yourself, you won’t feel compromised much in your performance with this on.

I found that if I mounted the camera so it would be at the front of the wing while drifting it in cross-onshore conditions, I was obscured by the wing most of the time while riding waves. I was most often in shot with the camera mounted on the rear tip, but the danger there is that you get a lot of bum shots (if you're riding toeside away from the wing), but with some thought you can hold the wing a bit higher and make sure you do so as you carve towards the wing. A lot of the fun with a GoPro 360 comes in the trial and error of your angles and what you can correct or make the most out of in the editing. I was concerned about crashing and the camera clattering into my board, but that never happened, and I’ve used this mount for many hours. I was also worried about whether the mount would hold during a big wipeout, but wing wipeouts are not like when your kite crashes into the water from a great height and high speed. Most impacts to the wing don’t cause huge shocks to the wingtips – at least not enough to worry the Flymount Aero’s grip, which is super solid. The main stresses on a wing come through crashing in waves and being pummelled by white water. That could be more of an issue of course, particularly if your leading edge bursts, but there is a safety line leash that you can fix to your leading edge handle so you don’t lose your camera should that happen. It’s a bit more of a faff / time consuming element at the beginning of your session to secure the mount on and tie the leash, but worth it. More info on that here: flymount.com/aero-safety-line-guide/

“Most impacts to the wing don’t cause huge shocks to the wingtips – at least not enough to worry the Flymount Aero’s grip, which is super solid.”

INFO FROM FLYMOUNT Our new ultralight mount for inflatable wings and kite struts. The Flymount Aero features a brand new patent pending camera adjustment system and a featherlight construction for limitless mounting possibilities. Made from extra tough glass reinforced Akulon®, with marine grade metal parts, to withstand saltwater, impact and high levels of UV.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Overall weight: 140g Mounting range: 80-130mm Camera mounting system: GoPro Body material: Glass filled nylon PA6 Metal parts: Stainless steel 316 / brass Box contents: Aero mount + safety line

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