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The potential of my geographic horizons may have been narrowed through the practical difficulty and expense of travelling this year, but wingsurfing has broadened the appeal of the riding conditions that I have locally. I’ve wingsurfed four times this week, and I vividly remember each session being brilliant. I’m in a really fun part of the improvement curve at the moment and wingsurfing really does turn very average lumpy, bumpy conditions into an extremely fun playground. The lumps are no longer hazards to negotiate; they’re opportunities for air or sweet glides. I’m just learning to jump in straps and feel as if my skills are a good match for the conditions, allowing me to maximise the terrain for what it is.




I’ve really enjoyed snowboarding on the handful of trips I’ve been on, but I’ve never let my passion for it run away too much because the mountains are just too far away. I need sports that I can do regularly; and now more than ever, sports that make the conditions I have close to me very appealing. Wingsurfing is massively ticking that box and I’m also finding that I can ride for so much longer now I’m using a harness. Read more about that here. Elsewhere, (and this has been very pivotal to my improvement) Slingshot’s Wyatt Miller runs you through a quick guide of how to set your foot straps up perfectly if you’re wanting to switch from riding strapless. I’ve been trialling out the latest action camera mount by Flymount, the Aero. You’ll see lots of those shots peppered through the issue, primarily in the gear tests section and there's a video review on this page, too. On test this issue, we have the AK Phazer 5’4’’, Freewing Air V2 4m and the F-One CWC 7 and 8m wings. News of Naish’s new S26 Matador wing that’s primed for power and exciting drift wave performance hit us hard, so we asked Robby Naish for more details. Finally, I cracked Zoom open for a video interview with Mark Shinn, who has been killing us with lots of clips of him riding what look like perfect winging waves at home in Poland and on his many test trips to Tenerife. I needed to know more! Enjoy the issue, and please don’t forget to follow us elsewhere: Instagram Facebook YouTube Newsletter See you on the water, Jim Gaunt, Wing Surf World editor

CAPTION FOR MAIN IMAGE AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE: Gaël Espeche putting the F-One Strike CWC 7m through its paces at La Boca lagoon in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. In this image he’s racing along the shoreline on a Phantom 1080 front wing, but previously on his trip he notched up a speed of 45 kmh on the 7m with an Escape 530 front wing. Impressive stuff from the Strike CWC 7m - a light wind wing... which we also have on test this issue – click here!

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