Incredibly consistent wind conditions combined with medium to warm ocean temperatures make this a great choice for beginners as well as advanced riders looking to improve their wind swell riding.

WHEN TO GO: Peak Season: June – September Air Temp: 20 – 30°C / 68 – 86°F Water Temp: 16 – 26°C / 60 – 79°F


Warm, windy and fun! PHOTO: Thomas Burblies

ON THE WATER Theologos, located just five kilometres south of Rhodes airport on the west coast of the island, is an amazing wind sport destination, suited to families as well as single travellers. Theologos beach cleanly catches the steady Meltemi winds which blow cross / cross-onshore from the left. In the morning the winds are typically light, around 12-15 knots, making ideal conditions for beginner wing foilers. In the afternoon the wind gets stronger, blowing around 25 knots, and conditions stick around until sunset. The water is beautifully clear with no rip tides or currents. A huge beach allows for plenty of space for everyone. Easy chop is the norm here. Towards the evening a small wave arises on the sandbank just 50 metres offshore. A little further out to sea there are days where the swell builds big enough to wave ride when the wind is strong, but there are water conditions to suit everyone. All this fun can be enjoyed from June to September in beautiful, warm weather.

Just three metres from the shore, the water drops to 2.5 metres, with no reef, hidden stones or any obstacles to impede your session! The vast expanses of open, deep waters in Theologos are ideal for foiling. In the pre- and off-season (April and October) the Tramontana wind from Turkey can create waves at the sandbank of up to two metres and the wind can pick up to force eight. Obviously these conditions are not recommended to beginners at this stage, but they are more rare than the norm. The wing center also provides a special foil storage, keeping your equipment safe and, although there is little chance of damaging your gear in shallow water, there is an in-house wing/board/foil repair with overnight service available should you need it.! The centre teaches on Slingshot wing gear and they also have rentals. (ranging from 70 litres to 140 litres) and different foil setups. Whether you’re a total beginner without any prior watersport experience or you’re a kitesurfing or windsurfing enthusiast looking to delve into the sport of wing-foiling, Surf and Kite Theologos offer beginner lessons as well as more advanced lessons to all. With jet ski rescue, the latest safety gear, hard shell and iSUPs available, Surf and Kite Theologos is perfect for all ages and all levels to start wing-foiling or continue to improve their skills! There is a 300 metre gap between the kite and windsurf stations, but wing lessons and rentals run from each. The kite centre is at the Surf and Kite Theologos accommodation, while the windsurf station is based directly at the beach of the TUI family-friendly hotel, Alex Beach, with a chill-out area and the hotel beach bar. Both spots are monitored with rescue boat and jetskis are on hand. All of this paired with a rich culture and community vibe makes Theologos a cracking holiday destination for all wind enthusiasts.

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Deep water makes it an ideal spot for foiling / Photos: Surf & Kite Theologos

Time to go!

The Surf & Kite station

WIND, WEATHER AND WATER Theologos delivers at least 20 to 30 days of wind per month in season, so you'll rarely go a day without a session. Air temperatures range between 20°C / 68 °F and 30°C / 86 °F, so although it's warm, bring a light jumper for the evenings in the early season (April and May) and in the late season (October). Water temperatures range from 16°C / 60 °F to 26°C / 79°F, so you won’t need anything more than a shortie or 3/2 wetsuit in the winter and boardshorts or bikinis in the summer. The windy season is from April to October with the peak months being July, August and September when it can blow up to six or seven days a week with the prevailing northwest / westerly winds blowing steadily and uninterrupted cross-shore with no obstructions.

Prime learning and improving conditions / Photo: Surf & Kite Theologos

“The water is beautifully clear with no rip tides or currents. A huge beach allows for plenty of space for everyone. Towards the evening a small wave arises on the sandbank just 30 metres offshore.”

Hit the hills! / Photo: Surf & Kite Theologos

OTHER SPORTS & OFF THE WATER ACTIVITIES Theologos has very consistent winds throughout the season, but in the event that there is no wind there is much to keep you busy. Rhodes is an island of great natural beauty and the main city is a UNESCO Heritage location with archeological sites of great historical significance. There are also over 40 different beaches to explore, one of the biggest water parks in Europe and several day-trips to neighbouring islands. Marmaris in Turkey is only a short ferry trip away. Guided jeep safaris, mountain biking, scuba diving and snorkelling are just another fraction of what Rhodes has to offer. Traditional Greek cuisine and local wines are delicious. Small shops stock the basics in Theologos, while the neighbouring villages of Kremasti and Paradisi have bigger supermarkets. The nightlife in Theologos is quiet but there are a number of authentic local tavernas where you can have a drink and try out the local ‘mezedes’ appetisers. A beer will cost €2 while a meal in a restaurant can cost between €5-15. There are ATM's at the spot so you do not need to worry about accessing cash.

Historical sightseeing...


Cobbled, winding streets

Breakfast bounty / Photos: Surf & Kite Theologos

Kite centre (with winging available)

View from the main building to the beach

Family pool time / Photo: Surf & Kite Theologos

ACCOMMODATION There is no shortage of accommodation choices, ranging between €25 and 200 per night, depending on your budget. Choose from private villas and large resorts to self-catered apartments, B&Bs and some more budget-friendly options. So whether you stay at Alex Beach Hotel, the Nirvana, Sea View, Billy’s Place or the LOGOS Beach Village, it's only a few metres to take your next session. It is not necessary to have a hire car here and you will be able to move around by foot or by bicycle during your stay, though obviously if you want to discover the rest of the island it's a good idea to take one for a day or two.

Hotel Sabina

Surf & Kite Theologos

Hotel Alex Beach


Diagoras International Airport (RHO) is just a five minute drive from the spot. You can hire a car there or take a taxi to your accommodation.

SCHOOLS SURF AND KITE THEOLOGOS / LOGOS BEACH VILLAGE offers wingsurfing at both their kite and windsurfing stations. Teaching all levels using radio headsets, plus guided downwind tours, crossfit and yoga classes are offered. Store your equipment right on the spot in big lockable storage boxes, and take advantage of sweet water showers, a gear cleaning area, chillout furniture, compressors, wifi and Billy's Place food and drink.

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