We are extremely excited to present to you our latest development, making yet another massive step forward for the progress of foiling.

Taking inspiration from the superior agility of the humpback whale, the Kujira Helium is a real game changer for foilers, with a unique ability to fit all types of riders, all disciplines in nearly all conditions.

Wing riding · Prone foiling · SUP foiling · Downwind riding

Lightweight, versatile and robust

With a carbon composite construction and lightweight helium foam core, the Kujira Helium is the most cost-effective/user-friendly performance foil currently on the market. The new smooth-edged winglets have been designed to be more efficient and less aggressive. Delivering an impressive early take-off and huge glide potential, the Kujira Helium has a really natural power control. Capable of maintaining altitude even at super low speed, it gives a feeling of auto-stability making it extremely easy to learn new maneuvers such as jibes and tacks.

The Kujira Helium is available as full set only

1500cm2 front wing / 218cm2 back wing / 75cm mast + 65cm fuselage set 

The Kujira Helium will be sure to shake up your riding experience no matter your specialty!


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