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I started windsurfing in 1987 at the age of eight. 14 years later I was sure I’d be windsurfing forever, but in 2001 I went to Cape Town and saw kiteboarding up close. A month later I returned home and knew that a new watersports fascination had begun. Since then, and after 20 years of working in these industries (Kiteworld Magazine is our sister publication), I’ve seen the nuances of these sports change, but there’s still a link forged between all of them: fun. And more latterly: the hydrofoil. There’s a new breed of watermen and women who aren’t concerned about the boundaries between sports that previous ‘die hards’ may have been constrained by. We aim to celebrate the commonality and cross-over benefits of all hydrofoil related board sports in the coming issues, but the big focus will be centred around building desire, knowledge and skills for riding with a wing. Rarely has a watersport come along and caused such a stir so quickly. The hype, excitement and the volume of brands that have jumped onboard with wingsurfing (or wingfoiling if you prefer) reminds me of kitesurfing in the early days. Wingsurfing, however, seems to hold a greater appeal to a broader section of new watersports participants because of its simplicity, quick learning curve, location suitability and safety. Wingsurfing is already proving to be an incredible bridge between kiting, windsurfing and surf foiling, while new, beginner-friendly equipment is also opening the sport up to more people. Couple that with the current limited international travelling options and a global movement to embrace a more healthy outdoor lifestyle; I’m sure we’re about to see a big pick-up in wingers on the water. Here in issue #01 the focus is on helping anyone who is attracted by the idea of wingsurfing to find all the information and links they need to get started.

Whatever your background, whether you have previous wind / watersport experience or not, by the time you’ve read this issue, you should be clear in your mind as to what gear you need and how to get started. Start your own Wingsurfing Journey here. If you have very little watersports experience, watch the two videos on this page first. Then, click here for a breakdown of hydrofoil anatomy and terminology. If you’re already up and riding we have a large helping of inspiration, including an interview with Titouan Galea, a man who has had us dreaming of chasing common ocean wind swells ever since F-One’s first Swing wing images were released in spring of last year. We also have a trio of interviews with three young riders who are already carving careers and shaping our understanding of where the sport is headed. Jump to features with Jeffrey Spencer, Annie Reickert and Mala’e McElheny now. Find this issue’s technique features on these links: How to Turn / How to Jump. Thank you for joining us on this new journey. Please continue through the magazine and check it out on your various devices for different experiences. When you get to the bottom of a page, either click the left / right arrows or the ‘Turn the Page’ button. (On your phone you can just swipe left or right as you would when scrolling through images). We are currently scheduled to publish Wing Surf World on a quarterly basis, but we’ll be keeping you stocked up on great content via our website, too. Got comments for content you’d like to see? I’d love to hear from you. Write to me: If you enjoy the issue please do subscribe to our mailing list to ensure you never miss an issue or the best content updates from our website. Enjoy the magazine and, hopefully, see you on the water soon. Jim Gaunt

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